Loot Crates?

Really? A post about loot crates. For anyone who isn’t in the know, video games are going through a transition as publishers explore ways to generate revenue beyond the initial purchase price. We’ve seen plenty of mobile games use the free to play model where the game costs nothing and you can play for nothing but can purchase extras to extend the play time or add bonuses. This is less objectionable for a game that costs nothing, but what happens when that game costs $60. Would you not feel ripped off if the game only offered half the levels and the others were behind a paywall? Fortunately most publishers realize this so instead they offer in game loot.

RPG players are used to in game monsters dropping weapons or potions as a token reward for vanquishing them in battle. Publishers can cut out the middle man and just offer the loot up for sale with a catch. Obviously offering the best or most sought after weapons and armor for a set price would cause the masses to cry foul. Offering random stuff for x dollars with the potential for rare items isn’t all bad, right?

First off you need to know this is not the same as gambling. When you gamble, you risk losing some amount of money for the chance of getting more money than you wagered. With loot crates you always get something. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same rusty clamor you’ve had since the start of the game it is still something for you money, no matter how little worth it is to you personally. This makes it not gambling but still something of a suckers bet. Can you imagine paying for a crate with gives you the most awesome rifle you’ve ever seen. Then the very fist boss you put an end to with it drops and even better one. To quote Johnny Rotten, “ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated.” You have and you’ve no one to blame but yourself. Personally if it keeps games profitable for publishers and keeps me from having to pay $70 or $80 for a game I can’t cry foul and there is no universe where I’ll pay for in game items no matter how they are delivered. What do all of you think?

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