Sega Saturn games

The Backlog

I always used to hate hearing video game reviewers talk about their game backlog. It probably was jealousy. No, it was. So here I am talking about the very same thing.

I must admit I have a huge record of leaving behind a long list of unfinished games. Some games just get boring and I drift away. Typically another games takes over. Then there are the walls, the game is going just fine, but there’s that one level or that one boss.

Do unfinished games even belong in a backlog discussion? I have my share of games I haven’t even started or haven’t left the opening cut scene. Most of these are digital titles. Somehow, if there isn’t a physical copy to pop in the console they get relegated to the bottom of my play list. Stupid but true. Right now I’m looking at Kirby Star Allies just sitting on my switch waiting for me to jump out of Zelda Breath of the Wild. What about you? What game have you bought but not launched into?

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