New 3DS Shell

IMG_20170928_072135I changed the shell on my 3DS a couple of nights ago. The original one was looking a little worn and had some nasty scratches on it from my bag. I ordered a new shell off of eBay for $14. I wanted something a little different so I went with one that looked like a Super Nintendo. The installation was a bit trickier than expected, it’s a good thing I had watched a couple of YouTube videos. The back shell went on without a problem. That was probably because it’s designed to give you access to the battery should it ever need replacing. The top shell wasn’t so easy. It didn’t help that my screwdriver set didn’t have a Phillip’s bit small enough so I had to fudge it with a small sloted head. Then I had to pry off the old shell without chewing up the plastic of the case I wasn’t replacing. With that off I could put the new one on. Not easy. I needed all my patience and ingenuity to get it to snap back in place. Then I had to wrestle the screws back into their place taking care not to strip the heads anymore than I already had. In the end it all came together but I would say this is not a task for the faint of heart. Maybe I should have just bought a cover.

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