Find of the Year

img_20170817_102658.jpgLast week the wife and I attended the Game On Expo in Phoenix. It was a great time as always. Making my way through the vendor space I came upon the 1UP Games booth. There they were selling 2 Sega CDX systems. If you are curious the CDX came out in 1994 and is an all in one Sega Genesis, Sega CD and a portable CD player. I had been looking for one, but current prices on eBay were in the $250 – $300 range. Fortunately for me since these were just the units and no games, controllers, or cables they were priced at $150. Both units were very clean and relatively scratch free, (they are almost 25 years old). I took a chance and picked one up. I ordered an AC Adapter off of Amazon to test it out and it works perfectly. I almost wish I had grabbed the second one. As an added bonus I tried my Sega 32X with it and it works as well. I read rumors about the two working and that the only reason it is listed in the manual as unsupported had to do with a shielding issue and the FCC. Right now though I am ecstatic. This may even be the find of the decade for me. To give you an idea how tiny it is, that is the Genesis cartridge slot at the top. So it isn’t much wider than the games it plays. There was a time when Sega was quite the bunch of innovators. This little piece of history is a testament to that time.

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