PC setup

PC Gaming Again?

So here we are at the start of another console generation. Naturally you cannot buy any of the latest systems. I have my eyes on an Xbox Series X but I am not paying some scalper twice the retail price. I can wait. I have a PC. Yeah, time to dust it off, throw in a new CPU, some more RAM, and a new video card and we’re off and running. Last generation it was all about the 2D and isometric RPGs. This time I’m deeper into the survival crafting vein. That means a lot of time in The Forest, Valheim, and Satisfactory. I’ve even managed to mix in some Sea of Thieves and Roller coaster Planet, you know for variety. I’ve also been on Microsoft’s Xbox cloud and must say I’ve been impressed. I still suck at Forza but it looked great and played well, I mean aside from my oversteering. I guess it comes down to there’s always something new right around the corner. It’s times like this to take stock at all the gaming we haven’t done rather than longing for what we will do. The hype trail is doing its best to jam the latest and greatest into our eye holes but it is just that, all hype. I say as I refresh my Gamestop app to see if any stock has come in.

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