It’s the Best of Us It’s the Worst of Us It’s Among Us

I’m not a big online gamer, but I did have to try out Among Us. The game really demonstrates the highs and lows of online gaming. If you’re with a group of friends it can be a blast. If you’re with a group of strangers who want to play the game it can be a blast. If you’re with a bunch of petulant children who think it’s a death match it’s horrible. I suppose asking why is a futile pastime. I’m sure anthropologists and psychologists somewhere are probing the depths of why some humans are dicks. Is it in the genes? Yes, I’m thinking of you BigNuts69 who got called out as an impostor and quickly left the game.

With all that said and the elephant taking a dump in the room, it still is a great game. One of the best that I’ve played online with a group. Well, actually they’re pretty much all in groups. It really does shine a huge spotlight on the human condition; you never really know who your friends are. That’s the one takeaway, the one lesson that should cap off the dumpster fire known as 2020. You can be a good crewmate, minding your business, doing your tasks, and in the end if someone doesn’t kill you someone else will convince the others to airlock your ass. 2020 in a nutshell and a great time for all.

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