Life on Saturn

I just received a used copy of Galactic Attack for my Sega Saturn. I bought my Saturn the summer it launched and it still keeps me occupied from time to time. That’s ten years, which for a console is pretty good. My wife’s NES has it beat still, though. This summer I have been replacing games I sold in 1999 when I bought my Dreamcast and even earlier when I bought my PS1. I found I really missed playing those games. For fighting games and Sega’s arcade games the Saturn could not and cannot be beat. Until my Dreamcast, it was my system with the largest library. So you could say that I am a Sega fan. As I write this I am bidding on an Xbox for all the Sega games I missed, but back to my Saturn. I can honestly say I’ve had more fun with this system than any other. Why? I just got into those games more than anything since. There was something more to them than just polygons, sprites, and texture maps. That is why to this day I keep it hooked up for some Sega Rally, Xmen vs. Street Fighter, Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter 2, Nights, Manx TT, and Radiant Silvergun. These are all classics in my book and games no gamer should pass up. Life is good on Saturn.

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