Just started playing

I just started playing Resident Evil 4 on my Gamecube. I know I’m about 11 months late; even worse when you consider I bought the game in August. I’ve been reluctant to start it because I didn’t want to get caught up in it. I’d played though RE2 and Code Veronica before and they took a few weeks with little else in between and frankly this time I had too many other games I wanted to finish. I’m more a fan of arcade style games where you can turn it on play for half an hour and be done. The RE games are the exact opposite of that. To play these takes a bit of a commitment and usually a good guide. So far I like it. The changes to the game really bring the series back to the forefront. Then again I liked the previous versions too. I haven’t met any real bosses yet but none can be as bad as the one in the plane in Code Veronica. The graphics are to drool over, and really do look next generation, especially on our HD set. I’ve already crapped myself a couple times so the frights are just as they always were. Plus now there is a real sense of dread in the game. The atmosphere is perfect. This is a game to buy a Gamecube or PS2 for.

2 thoughts on “Just started playing

  1. I just found your blog. I have to agree with you about certain great games never getting the full attention they deserve because mass-marketed-same-as-everything-else games take the limelight. I make sure I try some of the outsider games and ones that try to do different things. I’ll be sure to mark this site and return. Which reminds me that I have to add to my own gaming blog as well. I’ve just been to busy playing. 😉


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