The Sad Truth About the Super Nintendo Classic

8et7qik4gab8altxk4ic1hqjwzchaoaeSo Nintendo has announced the coming of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition on September 29th. Just like last year’s NES Classic, this one will be self-contained and hold 30 of the Super Nintendo’s finest games and one that never saw release, Starfox 2. The sad part is the very people that Nintendo intended this device for will most likely never get one. As soon as the sale date arrives all available consoles will be gobbled up by collectors and eBay scalpers. Welcome to the age of online auctions. I suppose you aren’t completely left in the cold. Here’s some help. If you want one just be read as soon as they go up for sale to pounce. Also Nintendo could surprise everyone and make enough consoles. No, that didn’t sound right even as I was typing it. So good luck and happy hunting.

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