Game Resolutions

It’s still January so I can make some gaming resolutions, right? Gaming in 2008 was pretty stellar and so far 2009 doesn’t look any different, recession be damned. So in no particular order my resolutions are.

1) Finish more games. I look at at my 360 gamerscore and get so depressed. I have to work on finishing up some more games. Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Half Life 2, are just sitting there. And now I just started Dark Sector, Too Human and Rock Band 2.

2) Speaking of Rock Band I want to play on hard. I know there are some plastic fretboard gods and goddesses out there laughing at that but that’s my goal and I’m sticking to it.

3) Play more of the downloaded games I bought from XBLA and Wii ware.

4) Find a suitable replacement magazine for EGM. Shouldn’t be too hard seeing how Ziff Davis turned EGM into a shadow of its former self before they pulled the plug.

5) Update this blog more often, duh.

6) Play online more. I have to get my $50 worth of it at least. Though it probably won’t happen. I get tired of having my ass handed to me by foul mouthed twelve-year-olds. Even if the physical age is not accurate the behavior is.

7) Give the Wii some more time. That shouldn’t be too hard with HOD Overkill and Mad World right around the corner.

Well, that should do it. A lucky 7 or unlucky 7 depending on where I am in December.

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