Now Playing Dead or Alive 4

I finally picked up DOA4 the other day. I’ve liked this series since the arcades and actually have an imported copy of the original DOA on my Saturn. This game lives up to my exceptions with only one issue. Man can it be cheap. Team Ninja excels at making games for game journalists. I know there is a gamer out there who just craves challenge but sometimes I have to wonder if it’s better to just have something be fun. Don’t get me wrong I find DOA4 fun, I just hate having to see my poor character face a beat down of biblical proportions when I am powerless to match or block it. Haven’t taken it online yet. I don’t need to be beaten and swore at at the same time. Overall it won’t make me trade in my copy of DOA2 on my Dreamcast or DOA3 on the original Xbox but this is fun for now.

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