Would you pay $400 for this?

I know this is a picture of an Xbox 360 but it can easily be a PS3 or Revolution next year. This month when the 360 launches the price will be a hefty $400 unless you get suckered into one of those bundles at the videogame chains. The last time I paid that much for a console was ten years ago for my Saturn. I know that doesn’t say much for my tastes in hardware, but I still don’t regret it. My point is back then we were accustomed to new systems being so expensive but lately I don’t think that is the same. I am not even used to paying $50 for a game any more. I know the magazines and web sites will be pouring it on heavy for the new systems and they’ll like gamers to think that they can’t be without one of these new wonder machines, but what will the numbers really be. I’m sure all the spoiled rich kids will have one under their tree this Xmas and the twenty-somethings with more credit than brains will hit their Visa or Master Cards for one. I just don’t know if for the larger audience the new systems will be worth the high price. Especially if the only thing the new systems offer is a shiny coat of paint on the same old games. Each new generation offers the promise of new gaming experiences. I just don’t know if what we have can be improved upon much more. I’m sure I may be eating my words this time next year, but those are going to be awfully expensive words.

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