It’s HD!

Our TV died this weekend. Normally this would be a bad thing but now it gave me and my wife a reason to buy a new widescreen HD set. The choice was plasma or LCD. We knew we wanted a thin screen. We chose the LCD because of its better performance in bright rooms, which is what we have most of the time. After looking at a few places we stopped at the local Best Buy and spotted a 32” Sony XBR LCD. The picture in the store was very impressive and had all the connections we needed. Getting it home revealed that even on satellite signal strength is still a big factor for how good a TV looks. Tweaking it a little for our Direct TV service we then tried out a few games. After replacing all the standard AV connection for our PS2 and Gamecube with component cables, all I can say is believe the hype. This TV did for my eyes what hooking our systems up to the home theater receiver did for my ears. Now we’re ready for the next gen consoles in all their 720p brilliance. Save the Revolution of course but I still can’t wait to get my hands on that controller.

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