I Want a Revolution

I can’t say I am surprised to hear from all the naysayers out there about Nintendo’s new controller. I imagine anything that isn’t easy to quantify becomes easy to ridicule. I think Nintendo is going right where they should with this one. Why even compete with Sony and Microsoft? They offer something completely different and I for one am happy to buy in. Look at it this way, so far for the PS3 and Xbox 360 all we’ve seen so far is prettier versions of the same games we are playing on our current systems. They may be new titles and franchises but they are essential the same thing we have now. At least Nintendo is showing us a different way to game. Is it better? Who knows? Should it be lauded because it is different? Hell no. If the experience isn’t fun then it is fun, no matter what techno-wonder accounts for it. Right now and until we see some games for the Revolution all we can do is speculate. We may get it wrong but it is something to talk about.

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