The Injustice of EGM’s Reviews

EGM’s review of Nanostray on the Nintendo DS is way off base. This game, which I haven’t bought yet but plan on after vacation, got average scores which I could deal with if these same standards were in place for other titles. For example the biggest gripe the EGM reviewers had with Nanostray was that it is just too generic and too short of an experience. Yet a rehash of last year’s football game is Game of the Month material. Granted there is little to no love given by reviewers for “Old” games like vertical shooters, but that is a topic for another post. I am just sick and tired of reading reviews that conflict with each other. How can one game’s fatal flaw exist in other titles but merely be an annoyance? Why are long games rated higher than short ones? Who determines how long a game is? Is that the reviewer who plays games eight hours a day, five days a week or is it the gamer that plays for 30 minutes every other day before bed or after coming home from work? Trust me I can make a 10 hour game last a month or more. I can’t help but notice that EA, the publishers of Madden, had much more full page ads in that issue of EGM than dose Majesco, the publishers of Nanostray. How many times have we heard the mantra that the ad and editorial departments do not influence each other? So EGM will stick by its review score but there are higher scores for Nanostray out there like this one from Craig Harris over at IGN DS.

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